Product data
Brand: Royal Swiss
  • Type: Oil-free fryer
  • Capacity: 7 L
  • air flow: 360º
  • Includes: Recipe book
  • Eco-responsible: energy saving
  • Features: Fast and fat-free cooking
  • Multifunctional: 8 programs
  • Adjustable temperature: 80-200ºC
  • Properties: non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean: suitable for dishwashers
  • Plug type: F
  • Cable length: 75cm
  • power: 1700 W
  • AC input: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Approximate dimensions: 36.5 x 28.6 x 33.7 cm

Discover the versatile world of our advanced hot air fryer with its impressive 1700 W power and generous 7 liter capacity, specially designed to prepare nutritious meals quickly. This modern and compact kitchen appliance is perfect for families of 3 to 5 people. With a digital touchscreen interface and 8 convenient programs, you can effortlessly choose between roasting, roasting, baking, drying, defrosting, reheating, grilling and more. Enjoy healthier meals with 95% less fat and up to 80% fewer calories, without sacrificing taste or texture. Thanks to the 360° hot air circulation technology, cooking is accelerated and energy saved by up to 66%, while the food remains crispy and juicy on the inside. The perforated basket ensures an even air flow, ensuring that your dishes are prepared perfectly. The fryer is equipped with a removable non-stick basket, which makes cleaning easy. To preserve the life of the non-stick coating, we recommend avoiding metal containers and abrasive cleaners. The removable basket is dishwasher safe for even more convenience. Go for convenience, health and delicious meals without the hassle with our handy recipes, for a tasty culinary experience!


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