Royal Swiss 10L SC-623 pastry robot – Power 2000W, capacity 10L




The Royal Swiss 10L SC-623 pastry robot with a high power of 2000W and a capacity of 10L, can meet all your kitchen needs for the whole family. If you want to make bread, meringues and desserts in foam, but you do not want to spend a lot of effort and time mixing and kneading the dough, you want to make cakes regularly while reducing the preparation time? With this robot it will be a piece of cake. In short, this baking robot can make you a perfect chef.
It allows you to completely mix all the ingredients to obtain a smooth dough or a light and creamy preparation. Normally, this places a heavy burden on you. Using our Robot makes your dining experience more enjoyable and saves you time.

The Royal Swiss kneading machine is the pastry robot of the moment that achieves excellent results. It can work with many ingredients, thanks to the very high power of the motor, the metal internal gears and the 6 processing speeds with which it is equipped. You can prepare different recipes: pizza dough, traditional dough or egg, cakes, cookies, and lots of bread. The versatile and very useful mixer at home: simple to use and clean on a daily basis, guarantees excellent results with the hook whisk for kneading, or with the planetary whisk for beating and assembling.

Product details:
Power: 2000 W
Stainless steel bowl
Capacity: 10 L 4.5 kg of dough

6 operating speeds
Movable and tilting head
Kneader function
High quality and food grade 304 stainless steel material
Powerful copper motor for pressure free agitation, high power and speed, fast heat dissipation and long service life.
Voltage: 220V-240V 50Hz
Convenient design, transparent and splash-proof lid, easy to add materials at any time in the bowl while stirring while preventing splashing.

Low noise and efficient use
The low-noise blender doesn’t make your kitchen particularly noisy, dirty, and messy. It can be kneaded into a dough, mixed into cakes, or used to obtain baby food, salads, fruit juices, milkshakes. Process butter, sugar, cakes and pizza faster, saving time and effort.
Package included:
1x machine
1x hook to knead the dough
1x flat mixer
1x egg whisk
1x stainless steel bowl
1x transparent bowl lid
1x instructions for use in English

Product size: approx. 40x35x20cm
Package size: approx. 48.3×40.5×39.5cm


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